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Rain Rain go away, come back not on moving day

by Kim Meldrum (1st April 2016)

Unfortunately you can’t help the weather when moving house, a cold rainy windy day is no fun. But by keeping track of it and being prepared can make your life a little easier.


  • Think about access and any parking issues. If hiring a van will you get it near the new property? If there is any parking restrictions outside apply for a parking bay license from your local council, this will allow you to block off a specific space near the property.
  • If you know rain is forecast then protect your belongings. Good removal companies will come prepared with furniture protectors and blankets but if you are moving yourself it is worth buying plastic wrapping for sofas, high value antique pieces. Especially important are mattresses as there is nothing worse than a wet mattress to sleep on. (A wet mattress is a ruined mattress) Damp can also seriously damage or create mould, so plastic covers become their weight in gold. You can get covers for all sorts of mattresses as well as armchair and sofas.
  • Packing boxes can be damaged very easily by the rain so start off with good quality boxes in the first place. Double walled are ideal and will absorb a certain amount of moisture but build the boxes up properly and seal them well with good quality packing tape. Boxes come in all different shapes and sizes so select boxes that are large enough to pack your belongings but still easy and safe to carry. The tea-chest box is the most popular and ideal for all your kitchen pots and pans, plates and crockery. The book box is ideal for really heavy items like books and photographs. Using too small boxes just means more trips to the van.
  • Protect artwork by either wrapping in bubble wrap or bubble blanket or using an appropriate box. If you are moving oil painting beware of cracking. Ideally move all oil paintings into a room the day before and turn off the heating in that room. This will allow the canvas to gradually get used to the temperature change rather than taking it out into a very cold environment.
  • A must have product in winter or wet conditions is a carpet protector. This is a self adhesive carpet runner for walkways and stairs, ideal to protect against dirty feet.
  • Wear appropriate footwear as slippery ground can be very dangerous when carrying boxes and furniture.
  • Make sure the kettle is in the first box off the van and make up a survival box beforehand. Ideally items in the box are teabags and coffee, mugs, milk, biscuits, first aid kit. If you are using a removal company then please give them plenty of cups of tea, moving house can be physically hard work.
  • Try and get as much help as possible to help you move, the more help the quicker the move.




Author: on 1st April 2016
An expert contributor to Helpineedboxes.co.uk.
"An expert in the moving industry, Kim has worked in a variety of jobs from news editing and photo journalisim to marketing consultant and online advisor to UK removal and storage companies."

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