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Top tips to avoid moving mistakes

by Andrew Scholey (18th April 2012)

Top Tips Moving Mistakes


  1. Not planning. Preparation and planning is the key to any move. Even if you haven’t exchange contracts yet start packing as soon as you can. Pack items that you no longer use regularly i.e. books, CD’s, items at the back of cupboards etc. You should start packing at least two weeks before your move, don’t wait for the day before.


  1. Not getting at least three quotations from removal companies. Removal companies do not charge for this service and it is always best to get the companies to visit you in person. This will allow you to not only discuss any unforeseen problems but also get a feel for the company. Getting three quotes will allow you to not only compare prices but also give you a backup if your chosen company is busy on the day of your move.


  1. Been swayed purely on price. Choosing your removal company can be daunting but don't choose just on price, instead pick a remover that suits your circumstance, your requirements and one you like. In this market some less reputable companies have been known to offer really low estimates. Even 60% off! If a price seems too good to be true it probably is, low estimates might be a less professional company, subcontracting out to another company and a common trick is to charge extra on the day. Most customers will have to pay the extra costs as they won’t get their belongings back if not.


  1. Not getting everything in writing. Always get your contract in writing and read the small print. What is covered and what is not i.e. insurance, moving into and out of storage if applicable, how is payment required.


  1. Failing to disclose everything that needs moving. Most of the disagreements between a customer and removal company comes from a misunderstanding on what is to be moved. Don't forget the garage or the things outside, some plant pots/troughs can be extremely heavy, but again if you point these out they will be all taken into account. Anything that you are planning to dispose of, try and do so before any representatives visit. They are often told that items aren't to go and that they will be thrown out. When moving day arrives for all sorts of reasons items suddenly have to go. Because of this when you say "oh! these wardrobes aren't going" they will assume they will be and therefore will calculate these into your quotation.


  1. Using the wrong boxes. Most people like to find used boxes for their move. It might save you some cash for packing, but if those moving boxes fall apart on moving day your items will get damaged. Some removal companies will not also move poor quality boxes i.e. single walled or banana boxes. Good boxes should be modular in size for stacking and double walled for extra strength.  


  1. Not setting up new services in enough time for your new property. Notify all the relevant companies and services of your new change of address. has a free change of address service which will contact companies on your behalf:  Remember if you are not going to be using the same internet service provider then you will need to give at least a months notice or you may get billed for a month you are not using.


  1. Not backing up your Mac or PC. Hopefully nothing will happen to your machine but it is vital that you back up data and have several copies in different locations.  Once information is gone is gone forever.


  1. You didn’t pack a survival pack. Make up a box of refreshments and essential items for your first few days – such as toilet roll, light bulbs, tea making equipment, scissors, toiletries, pen and paper, phone charger, torch, first aid kit, a few pieces of basic cutlery, crockery, corkscrew and of course a bottle of champagne! Don’t forget to also keep important phone numbers to hand i.e. estate agents, removal or self storage company, solicitor etc.


  1. Trying to fit oversized furniture into a small space.  Always remember that your new house may not be as big as the old one. Access issues can stop furniture going into the rooms required or even into the house itself sometimes.  

Author: on 18th April 2012
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