Bubble Wrap

We supply GREEN Bubble wrap (Oxo Bio-Degradable).

Bubble wrap
We only supply a green bubble wrap that reduces the environmental impact standard bubble wrap has. Standard Bubble wrap can take hundreds of years to degrade but our Oxo Bio-Degradable Bubble by the leading manufacturer Sealed Air will break down in a fraction of that time. After 8-12 hours in sunlight, the oxidation process is triggered and the molecules in the bubble wrap are broken down into smaller linked sections, these smaller sections are then small enough to be attacked and digested by bacteria and fungi in the ground. The bubble wrap material is then broken down to carbon dioxide, water and biomass. So once you have used the bubble wrap throw it on your compost heap.

The bubble wrap will not vanish in front of your eyes but left outside on a compost bin or in the local land fill it will breakdown unlike conventional Bubblewrap.

We supply green bubble wrap in 5 metre, 30 metre and 60 metre lengths. 50cm wide with a small bubble for extra protection.

Bubblewrap is strong, shock resistant and user friendly protection when wrapped around fragile items. Ideal for protecting items when packing into boxes. Use the longer rolls to wrap around pictures, TV's, monitors in fact just about anything can be protected by wrapping it in bubblewrap.

Bubble Wrap is not just for popping although a good stress reliever when moving house


Green Bubble (Oxo Bio-Degradable)
Wrap items on a work surface or table, then if you drop them they don't have far to fall.
Small bubble, bubble wrap protects a larger area if a bubble pops.



Bubble wrap to protect your house move