Parcel Tape and Tape Guns, Tape Dispensers

Parcel Tapes
We only supply the very best quality clear parcel tape made by companies like vibac and 3M Scotch Tape, some of the worlds largest manufacturers of parcel tape. Available individually or in packs of 6 parcel tape can handle taping all the boxes we supply. Our Eco Tape is Environmentally friendly a very strong tape with a positive impact towards the environment. Formulated with a backing where polyvinyl chloride is completely absent.
We work on 1 roll of tape to tape up approx 8 boxes (however this does depend on how much you get carried away when taping up your moving boxes).
Other tapes for moving house we stock are the printed parcel tapes. These include 'FRAGILE' printed in red on a white tape.

Tape Dispensers or Tape Guns
Tape dispensers are an easy way of taping your moving boxes up with minimum of fuss. Very easy to use the tape guns are sold with a roll of 3M parcel tape.
For full instruction on loading a tape gun, tape dispenser click here. Instructions are included with each order.





Using a Tape Gun
The cutting blade is hidden until needed.
Label boxes, Mirrors etc using Fragile Tape.

Tapes and Tape Guns