Why our boxes are the best for your move.

Choosing the right moving boxes

A box is just a box isn't it?


When you are moving house you need to move a lot of items quickly and efficiently. You have to move everything you own, items you treasure and worked hard to acquire. Looking after these belongings is very important.

All our Moving boxes apart from the specialty boxes like the bike box or the flat screen TV box are modular. You need a box to help you move not hinder you when you move. Our moving boxes are modular, that is that when you load them onto van they are all the same size except in height. When you stand 3 of the small boxes on top of each other, they stack together to be the same in height as the largest box. One medium box with a small one on top is also the same in height etc. This makes loading the van a lot simpler.

Beware of weak and flimsy moving boxes.
Our moving boxes are also strong boxes and won't fall apart when you are carrying them. We cannot think of anything worse than walking to the van in the rain and the bottom of your removal box falls out and you have to start picking things up from the floor.

Beware of small moving boxes that you can only fit a teapot in.
Our moving boxes are also quite large moving boxes. The book moving box is 18"x12"x12" 457mm x 310mm x 310mm, the Tea Chest moving box is 18"x18"x20" 457 x 457mm x 500mm.

Don't be fooled by packs that offer 50 moving boxes at a really cheap price. Are they strong enough to carry your precious belongings? Are they large enough? When you have them at home and find that all you can put inside them is a teapot you realise you will probably need all 50 boxes. The more boxes you use the more times you will have to walk back and forth to the van. After a long day moving house you will not like the tiny boxes and the vast amount of them you have which seemed so appealing at the time of purchase.

modular Why three different sizes?

The different sizes of boxes are used according to the weight of the items to be packed. Books, paper work, CDs, DVDs, records and videos are all surprisingly heavy once placed inside a box. The smaller box (B1) or the General box (G1) are both ideal as you are still be able to lift them when full of books. The medium sized box is ideal for everything else. The largest box really needs to be packed with bulky light items, soft toys, bedding, lamps and plants (remember to empty any water out). For packing advice please visit www.helpiammoving.com opens in a new window.

Do your boxes have handles holes?

Yes some of the larger boxes do. for example all our wardrobe boxes and TV Boxes are all boxes with handle holes. Our smaller moving boxes do not, because these are used a lot for books you cannot put your hand inside the handle holes. These boxes are for heavier items so if you use handle holes then they can tear the box.

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